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Blestoroxx Affiliate Program


Become an affiliate member at Blestoroxx, we have high conversion rates, a well designed platform for our "Independent contractors/Affiliate members". Boost your earnings by driving traffic to our platform. To simplify, Get paid to drive traffic. 

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Disclaimer: Blestoroxx Affiliate Program is designed to help our "Independent contractors/Affiliate members" to promote our products & services, and use your fabulous sales skills to attract new audience to our platform. Blestoroxx is committed to ensure that your efforts are appreciated ethically & financially. It's crucial for us that our "Independent contractors/Affiliate members" understands that being an "Independent contractor/Affiliate member" does not create any relationship between us apart from being an approved independent contractor; you are not our employee, nor do we have a partnership: if we approve your application for this program, you are an independent contractor. We hope this clarifies that our "Independent contractors/Affiliate members" should pay all applicable taxes, and ensure that you have proper insurance(s) where applicable, and not make any statement on our behalf.