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Blestoroxx enables you to explore products and services & connect with numerous dedicated businesses/entrepreneurs.

​Our members are driving force for our platform. When you decide to become a member we make it our target to help you establish meaningful relationships with different businesses and entrepreneurs. We work with people who unconditionally dedicate their day and night to build a sustainable business. We believe a transaction should not be reduced to exchange of money but much more. We make this happen by building on ideology of serving our members with utmost respect, love, care and passion. We are a ever evolving platform that loves to be a better problem solver for our members. Our members can design their Wishlist to get better recommendations from our platform. There's a lot to explore at Blestoroxx.

Our platform is designed to ensure you get great value, benefits & special discounts.


 “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

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Blestoroxx members get 10% off on all products & services on our platform.

Oh yes! We are dam serious. We are constantly building new ways to help our members seek maximum value when they choose our platform. Our platform is fueled by small businesses across Canada and beyond, who are looking to build meaningful relationships.  Every product and service including cash cards are offered at discounted price to our members. We are passionate about our never-ending process of building a diversified marketplace that can cater to multiple industries. Like we have said before, our target is to be the great problem solvers for you regardless of the industry. We love when our members decide to transition into a business/entrepreneur account holder. A business is just an idea that can completely change your perspective about the world. We are not here to just sell products & services that we produce or promote, we would love to have an opportunity to be your one true partner & help you build a business. 

A new way to explore our marketplace is coming in Summer 2021, Hang tight! In the meantime, we invite you to explore Blestoroxx Marketplace,

 “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

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Blestoroxx Learn for members 

Blestoroxx Learn for members is a secure way to connect with different motivated skill developers. This portal enables our members to educate and develop skills they might need to be a better problem solver. This is also a unique platform for those who wish to broadcast their skills with others. We have built this platform because we believe that education is a one true asset. Your brain is the product of evolution over thousands of years, so it might need some juice every now and then that keeps you active. 

If you wish to register as a skill developer on our platform, we request you to schedule a call back with one of our team members to explore the potential of building curriculum, active delivery plan and unique ways of storytelling to broadcast your skills.

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