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Need assistance for tracking? Explore FAQ's or Schedule a callback!


How can I track the progress of service(s)/product(s) ?

With the help of a Tracking ID provided by Blestoroxx Enterprise Inc. you may use our tracking portal to check realtime updates on service(s) or product(s) you bought.

I forgot or lost my Tracking ID provided by Blestoroxx, What should I do?

If you have lost access to your Tracking ID card (Electronically provided by Blestoroxx) or have forgotten your tracking ID, we invite you to schedule a callback with our team.
If your a registered member - click here to schedule.
If your a registered business - click here to schedule.

You can also write us an email at Tracking@blestoroxx.com. We try our level best to respond to all enquires within 8 business hours.

I have my Tracking ID but the portal is sending back an error, what can I do?

If you are getting an error that states, ''No record found with this code''. We invite you to schedule a callback or write an email at Tracking@blestoroxx.com. What may have caused this to happen?
- Your Tracking ID was marked as completed. - Your Tracking ID was cancelled due to no activity in the last 30 days. - Your payment may have bounced back or moved to accounts payable. - Your tracking ID associated with your BEI ID was revoked due to noncompliance with our terms of use. - You may have turned on VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access our tracking portal.

Can I only track service(s) or product(s) produced by Blestoroxx on this portal?

No, you may also be able to track progress of service(s) or product(s) that are not produced but are promoted by Blestoroxx's community network.

When will my Tracking ID be disabled?

Once we have marked delivery of service(s) or product(s) you bought as completed. Your Tracking ID is automatically disabled after 15 days by Blestoroxx.

Can I change my address once the product(s) I ordered is shipped?

No. Unfortunaly once the product(s) you ordered is shipped, we can not change the shipping or the billing address on file.

How do I report a damaged product(s)?

We have a stringent quality assurance process in place to ensure that the product(s) received are compliant with our terms of use. If there's an issue, we invite you to call us at +1 (647) 251-8111 & our team would be happy to help with any of your concerns.

Can I change my Delivery preference(s)?

In case you're unavailable when we deliver. We'll make a reasonable effort to accommodate your request. The option to make changes is not available if your product is already shipped.

What’s an expected completion date?

An expected completion date on your tracking ID is an estimate of when we’ll attempt to deliver product(s) or complete service(s) you have bought, based on where it is in our network. The date and time (when applicable) are not guaranteed, can be impacted by factors such as weather, traffic and parcel volume, and will continue to be updated as the item travels to its destination.

What’s a delivery standard?

A delivery standard represents the expected transit time in business days from the day of deposit (day 0) to delivery. A business day does not include Saturdays, Sundays, statutory holidays, or any holidays observed by Blestoroxx. The delivery standard may be before, after, or on the same day as the expected delivery.

Business solutions

Why is my account being converted to Solutions for Small Business from a Commercial account?

We review business accounts every year to determine which Tacking service program works best for your business. If our data indicates that your business is better positioned in Solutions for Small Business, where you can benefit from the tiered pricing structure, online support then your account is switched to Solutions for Small Business package.

What are the benefits of having a Solutions for Small Business account?

If you don't have a capacity to run & manage tracking services for your clients, Solutions for Small Business package allows you to run tracking services on our platform.

My account has been converted to Solutions for Small Business account. Do I need to do anything else?

No action is required on your part. Your current customer account will automatically be converted to a Solutions for Small Business account.

I recently received a Solutions for Small Business membership card (Electronic), why am I getting another one?

As part of our commitment to our customers, we review customer accounts yearly. The review ensures that your account information with Blestoroxx is current and accurate. If the recent membership card (Electronic)that you received is identical to the previous one received, then you can discard one or you can use both.

Why am I getting the user linking notification email?

For commercial accounts, you are the Prime or Billing contact on the account that the user has linked to. For Solutions for Small Business accounts, the prime contacts linked to the account get the new user linking notification.