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Consultation Call


Processing time

CA$ 399.99 - 699.99

We believe in generating value! Read below to know how we do it?

At Blestoroxx, we also provide Consultation Call services. We have hired a team of experienced professionals with whom you can talk at any time. Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions according to your needs. Our service is available 24x7.

Provision of information to customers

Information that we, as a consultant, collect on behalf of a client includes:

  • Feasibility study.

  • Attitude survey.

  • Market research.

  • Cost research.

Businesses find consultants useful because they can offer specific expertise and information. Alternatively, companies may outsource data development because they need more time or resources to do it in-house. You can also analyze the competitive structure of companies and industries.


  • Management consultants often face challenging scenarios when solving problems on behalf of their clients. In another scenario, management may seek advice on how to structure the company to adapt to change quickly.

We make recommendations!

  • Management consultants typically conclude their research with an oral presentation or written report detailing what they have learned. This report provides detailed recommendations on what customers should do next. These reports should present relevant information and provide detailed analysis. This way, the recommendations are compelling, and the report's recipient understands why these issues are essential. Essentially, a consultant should recommend a course of action. It is then up to the customer to decide whether or not to follow this plan.

It's the human element that helps us to create customized solutions for you!

You must be wondering, how & when can we connect? Let's setup a common time that fits your schedule.

You can use the button below & select a time slot that works best for you. It should take less than 2 minutes to book. Once you book, I will know when your available & our team will call back at scheduled time. IMPORTANT: Regardless of where you are in the world, the system will identify your location and will show available slots in your local time zone. We hope this information helps.

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